Healthcare Assessments

Healthcare assessments for 75+ year olds

All our patients who live at home and are 75 years old or older are eligible to have a yearly health assessment.

The assessment is designed to help you find ways for you to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as maintain your independence both in your own home and in the broader community.

Our skilled nurse will conduct the comprehensive assessment in the clinic with you and it will be finalised with the GP.

This yearly health check will cover:

A thorough assessment of your health and well being

A measurement of your blood pressure, pulse rate and heart rhythm

A review of your medications

A discussion about your social supports

Any healthcare concerns or other needs that you may have.

The assessment will involve working with you as well as your GP to organise any follow up consultations that may be needed and accessing any supports that will assist in managing your health in the present and future. This service is bulk-billed under Medicare.

Please call reception to organise an appointment or speak to your GP at your next appointment to determine if you should have a health assessment

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